Ecovative Opens Access to Patent for Plastic-Free Mycelium Materials in Europe

PPC Business Member Ecovative announced today that it is opening access to a major European patent to all individuals and businesses who wish to use its MycoComposite™ mycelium materials in their own innovations and businesses in Europe. The renewable MycoComposite material offers a nontoxic and more planet-friendly alternative to plastics and other fossil fuel–derived materials made from compostable and regenerative mushroom mycelium.

Ecovative’s MycoComposite material enables the manufacturing of products that are free of forever chemicals (PFAS) and other toxic substances too commonly found in household products, like formaldehyde. Ecovative’s patent outlines a strategic blueprint for the creation of eco-friendly and renewable mushroom mycelium composites—and makes it available to others to use. 

In 2023, Plastic Pollution Coalition nominated Ecovative to be considered for the prestigious Earthshot Prize, which aims to infuse more optimism into solving today’s biggest environmental challenges by highlighting the ability of human ingenuity to bring about positive change, and inspire collective action.

Mushroom Mycelium is a More People- and Planet-Friendly Choice

Ecovative’s MycoComposite is made of mycelium grown on unused parts of plants, such as hemp scraps, that would otherwise be wasted by the agriculture industry. As a material, MycoComposite requires reduced inputs of energy, water, and other precious resources compared to other material options. It is a non-toxic option for replacing single-use materials, which can help reduce climate-warming CO2 emissions and other pollution across a wide range of industries.

The European Open Patent Program for MycoComposite is intended to encourage innovation in plastic-free products. The patent is already in use around the world in protective packaging, construction materials, architecture, and innovative applications to replace petrochemical use. Several successful businesses have already been launched using MycoComposite, notably Loop Biotech, which makes mycelium coffins and urns.

Loop Biotech has seen firsthand the huge demand for innovative, planet-friendly solutions enabled by mycelium materials. I started this company to help humanity leave a positive footprint on the Earth, which is only possible when we collaborate with living organisms like fungi.

— Bob Hendrikx, founder of Loop Biotech

How to Collaborate with Ecovative

A sharp rise of interest in Europe for entrepreneurial applications of MycoComposite make it a good place for testing the potential of open access patents to spur an increase in innovations and businesses around mycelium technology. MycoComposite licensing and partnership opportunities will continue to be available outside of Europe. The company owns numerous patents and patent applications related to mycelium manufacturing and product development globally.

The goal of Ecovative has always been to provide the ‘picks and shovels’ for a new generation of businesses realizing the potential of mycelium technology. The growing demand for environmentally beneficial products and processes is creating immense new opportunities not to reinvent the wheel, but to change what the wheel is made of, and we’re excited to see the new discoveries and scalable solutions made with this versatile technology, for the benefit of Spaceship Earth.

— Eben Bayer, Ecovative co-founder and CEO

Learn more about how sustainable businesses can get involved with the open MycoComposite European patent and find out what it means for the future of mycelium materials. And take action in your own life to refuse single-use plastic.


July 31, 2023 , 8:00 am 5:00 pm EDT

Join a virtual tour of PPC Business Member Ecovative’s new “Mushroom Packaging” facilities to mark the end of Plastic Free July, and in the interest of raising awareness about the problem of plastic pollution, and the current availability of real solutions like Mushroom Packaging.

August 25, 2022 , 5:00 pm 6:00 pm EDT

2022 August Webinar

Date: Thursday, August 25
Time: 2-3 pm PT, 5-6 pm ET
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Our world is overwhelmed by single-use plastic packaging and products, and it’s having devastating consequences on our climate, communities, and health. But what if all those items weren’t made of toxic, fossil fuel-based plastic? What if they were made from regenerative materials like mushrooms or seaweed?

Join us Thursday, August 25, 2022, as we sit down with three companies providing innovative technologies to replace single-use plastics with renewable, compostable, and eco-friendly alternativesEcovative, LOLIWARE, and Sway. Unlike so-called “bio-based plastics,” seaweed and mushroom materials do not require harmful plasticizing chemicals to work, and are truly zero waste and regenerative alternatives. Panelists will include Julia Marsh, Co-Founder and CEO of Sway, Meghan Olson, Director of Mushroom® Packaging at Ecovative, and Dr. Victoria Piunova, Chief Technology Officer at LOLIWARE. The panel will be moderated by Julia Cohen, Managing Director of Plastic Pollution Coalition.


Julia Marsh
Co-Founder & CEO, Sway

Julia Marsh is the co-founder and CEO of Sway, a venture-backed materials company producing compostable packaging made from seaweed. Julia is a designer with over a decade spent building brand and packaging systems for consumer goods companies, technology startups, and design studios. She founded Sway in 2020, led by the belief that designers must take part in solving the planet’s greatest challenges.

Meghan Olson
Director of Mushroom® Packaging , Ecovative

As the Director of Ecovative’s Mushroom® Packaging business, Meghan leads Ecovative’s Mushroom® Packaging team and is responsible for commercial activities in North America and supporting the growing global network of MycoComposite™ licensees, with direct oversight over both sales and licensing funnels.

Meghan has a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a dual B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and Design, Innovation & Society from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and has been a fan of the company for over a decade since first learning about Ecovative’s founders and their story from her late mentor and early Ecovative champion, Burt Swersey. Meghan was thrilled for the opportunity to join the Ecovative team in late 2019 and brings business development experience from local technology company Vyv (formerly Vital Vio). She began her career in a fluid system design role at GE Power, following her M.S. focused on additive manufacturing of composites.

Dr. Victoria Piunova
Chief Technology Officer, LOLIWARE

Dr. Victoria Piunova leads all technological and product platform development from MVP launch to commercialized product at LOLIWARE. Dr. Piunova hails from IBM Research, where she holds the prestigious title of IBM Master Inventor. She brings over 10 years of experience in sustainable materials development for applications in biotechnology and sensing. Victoria has invented 25 issued US patents and authored more than 30 publications in peer reviewed journals. She is also a recipient of the American Chemical Society’s Young Investigator Award. Victoria received her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California with Prof. Hogen-Esch and completed her post-doctoral studies at the California Institute of Technology in the group of Nobel Laureate Robert Grubbs. Victoria is passionate about sustainability and sustainable fashion in particular, which is reflected in her collaborations with the Marchesa brand as well as the Fashion institute of Technology.


Julia Cohen
Co-Founder & Managing Director, Plastic Pollution Coalition

Julia Cohen is Co-Founder and Managing Director of Plastic Pollution Coalition, based in Washington, D.C. Julia has nearly three decades of experience in leading executive, strategic, communications, fundraising, and outreach efforts for a wide range of government, entertainment, and non-profit groups.

She has served in leadership positions with numerous organizations, including Environmental Working Group (EWG), Woman’s National Democratic Club (WNDC), MADE SAFE, National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), Save The Children’s YouthNoise, Youth Vote Coalition, Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), Rock The Vote, and as a Program Officer, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, US State Department.

Julia has spoken at corporate headquarters, political conventions, and international conferences and symposia. She serves on the U.S. Movement Support Team of the Break Free From Plastic movement. She is the recipient of the Leadership Award from Four Generation of Leaders in Clean Energy & Sustainable Solutions.

She holds a BA in Modern Society and Social Thought from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and a Masters in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley.