“Say This, Not That” Kickoff Event: Countering Oil & Gas Misinformation

December 14, 2023 , 3:00 pm 4:00 pm EST

​The oil and gas industry has been running misinformation and disinformation campaigns for decades. We’ve seen how effective they’ve been at distorting public perception: Even environmental groups and allies often unintentionally adopt pro-industry framing and language. This undermines the urgency to address pollution and hinders environmental action.

​How can we avoid repeating industry misinformation?

​Join us for the kickoff of our new event series: “Say This, Not That.”

​In this series, you’ll hear from a series of experts who specialize in countering the oil & gas industry’s pervasive misinformation campaigns. You’ll learn how to identify industry talking points and how to frame messaging effectively and accurately.

​For our first session, David Gold from the Environmental Polling Consortium will guide us on how to avoid industry messaging and frame your messaging effectively.