Obesogens: A unifying theory for the global rise in obesity

March 19 , 1:00 pm 2:00 pm EDT

Despite varied treatment, mitigation, and prevention efforts, the prevalence and severity of obesity continue to rise around the world. In this EDC Strategies Partnership webinar, Dr. Jerry Heindel presents a combined model of obesity causation that links four general models to create a unifying paradigm.

The four models include the energy balance model (EBM), based on calories as the driver of weight gain; the carbohydrate-insulin model (CIM), based on insulin as a driver of energy storage; the oxidation-reduction model (REDOX), based on reactive oxygen species (ROS) as a driver of altered metabolic signaling; and the obesogens model (OBS), which proposes that environmental chemicals interfere with hormonal signaling leading to adiposity.

Dr. Heindel will present a combined OBS/REDOX model in which environmental chemicals present in the air, food, food packaging, and household products generate false autocrine and endocrine metabolic signals. These signals then subvert standard mechanisms of energy regulation, increase basal and stimulated insulin secretion, disrupt energy efficiency, and influence appetite and energy expenditure leading to weight gain.

This combined model incorporates the data supporting the EBM and CIM models, thus creating one integrated model that covers significant aspects of all the mechanisms that are potentially contributing to the obesity pandemic. Importantly, the OBS/REDOX model provides a rationale and approach for future preventative efforts based on environmental chemical exposure reduction.

This webinar will be moderated by Sharyle Patton, Director of Commonweal’s Biomonitoring Resource Center.