5 Plastic-Free Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

The gift-giving season is upon us and you don’t need to spend a small fortune on waste-creating products to show your family and friends you care. This season, give the ones you love something meaningful with these plastic-free gift ideas.

1. Have a Favorite Houseplant? Gift a Clipping in a Jar of Water for Propagation!

Propagating a plant clipping in a jar of water can be done in just a few easy steps and makes a perfect gift for friends and family. As houseplants grow, they can begin to take up a lot of room in your home or office. Clipping a plant can help you save space and also makes for a great legacy or heirloom gift for the whole family. Learn more here.

Plastic Free Gift Ideas

2. Have A Favorite Book You’ve Already Read? Pass It Along!

Books make for excellent gifts—and books that have personally affected and enhanced our lives are even better. This holiday season, pass along your copy of a favorite book so someone you care about can enjoy it as well.

Plastic Free Gift Ideas 2

3. Who Says a Gift Needs to Be a Thing? Gift an Experience!

Research has shown that people are happier when they spend money on experiences rather than things. So consider forgoing a material gift for one of the following amazing experiences:

  • Tickets to a Concert, Symphony, or Live Theatre Experience
  • Escape Room Reservations
  • A Relaxing Massage
  • Passes For Mini-Golf, Bowling, or Go-Karts
  • Movie Theater or Sporting Event Tickets
  • Specialty Tours or Wine Tasting Reservations
  • A Yoga, Pilates, or Martial Arts Class
  • A Hot Air Balloon Ride

4. Gift Yourself!

We all know someone who could use an extra night out from the kids or an elderly neighbor who could use a visit. Maybe you have a friend or family member who is hosting a party and could use help whipping up an extra special meal. Or maybe you know someone starting a project who could use your talent in writing, graphic design, or organizing a cluttered room or garage. This holiday season, give your time and expertise to the ones you love.

Plastic Free Gift Ideas 3

5. Donate to Plastic Pollution Coalition in Honor of a Friend or Loved One

Help create a more just, equitable world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals, waterways & oceans by making a donation to Plastic Pollution Coalition. We’ll do all we can to keep giving back by working to make the world a better place for your friends and loved ones.


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