Bioplastics Are Not the Solution

When you’re looking at the world from the lens of, ‘as a creator, what can I do to create a better future?’ The journey is endless. It’s not like this finite thing where I’m like, ‘I’m going to create this thing and I’m going to spend a ton of money on social media and then it’s going to grow to x and then y happens.’ It’s more like, ‘okay I have this vehicle—this brand and what are the different things that I can do to elevate the way that we coexist with our planet?’

Joshua Onysko

Joshua Onysko (@pangeaorganics) is an award-winning entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Pangea Organics. For over 20 years, Joshua has led Pangea in developing sustainable, plant-based body and skincare products, culminating in the latest product launches in 2021 featuring plastic-free packaging. Pangea’s formulas combine natural ingredients to create products that are clean and nourishing. Joshua is on a mission to provide consumers a choice to purchase their favorite products without plastic, and hopes to inspire change for others to follow suit within the beauty industry.

Joshua sat down with Plastic Pollution Coalition (PPC) Vice President of Programs & Communications Jen Fela to discuss Joshua’s journey as an entrepreneur, from learning about growing vegetables from his grandfather as a child, to being inspired by nature, the ocean, and traveling as an adult—and how he aspires to use his business to create a better future that is more sustainable and in harmony with the planet.

Joshua recently joined our global webinar series for an episode focusing on the challenges and opportunities of making your business plastic free. He was joined by fellow panelists Cassia Patel, Director of Programs at Oceanic Global and Alejandra Warren, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Plastic Free Future. Listen here.

Keep an eye out for PPC’s Holiday Guide coming soon, which will feature a discount code for Pangea Organics to help with your plastic-free shopping this holiday season. Tune into our webinar this coming Thursday, Nov. 17, to find out how you can get the guide (for free!)

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