The Healthy Pregnancy Guide

Maybe you’ve just learned that you’re pregnant, or perhaps you and your partner are thinking about expanding your family. Whatever the reason, you may be hearing troubling things about toxic chemicals around you—especially chemicals in plastic and other items you use on a daily basis—and how these chemicals affect not just the environment, but also the human body and particularly developing babies.

MADE SAFE and Plastic Pollution Coalition developed this guide to make it easy for expecting parents to:
  • Learn about the toxic chemicals found in plastics and other common items
  • Find tips to reduce plastic during pregnancy
  • Gather ideas to avoid other common toxic chemicals
  • Get safe product recommendations
This guide contains a wealth of useful information, and for ease of use it is organized by areas of your home and your daily routine, including:
  • Kitchen & diet
  • Cleaning & laundry
  • Bathroom
  • Personal care
  • Household
  • Outdoors
  • Self care
You can read this guide from cover to cover or you can explore it by section. However you choose to use it, it is intended to be your companion on your journey toward healthier living. The goal of this guide is to help you make better, safer choices for a healthy and sustainable future for your family and the planet. To this end, we consulted the latest scientific studies and trusted medical professionals to create this guide. We hope you will find it to be a valuable resource for you and your growing family.






Plastic Pollution Coalition is the leading global alliance working toward a world free of plastic pollution. For over a decade, our mission has been to galvanize a Coalition of businesses, organizations, and people who are not only informed about the plastic pollution crisis but are taking action for change. Our members include concerned individuals looking to take positive steps in their own lives, businesses creating sustainable products, and policymakers and scientists working collaboratively to create laws regulating plastic’s harmful effects.
The chemicals used in plastics harm our bodies. These chemicals are implicated in many health concerns ranging from obesity and diabetes to infertility, cancers, early puberty, and more. Chemicals from plastic may leach into our food where they disrupt the body’s hormone systems. These chemicals influence fast growing cells, which means turning hormone systems on and off, out of sync with normal development. This is particularly concerning during fast growth periods of life like pregnancy.
The good news is you can take steps to protect your health and the health of future generations today. We have gathered all the info you need to avoid the toxic chemicals in plastic. You can use the advice of our Coalition and scientific advisors highlighted in the guide, while we keep working for the systemic change we all need for a healthier world–for people and the planet.


MADE SAFE® was started by a mom with a mission to make it easy to find products that are scientifically vetted to be safe for use on our bodies, babies, and homes, while also being safe for the entire ecosystem. With a lack of regulation in the marketplace, the government has left it up to the shopper to decipher product labels. But with over 80,000 substances in use today–many of which are known to cause harm, others are untested–it is impossible for the average shopper to easily know which products to buy. The answer is MADE SAFE: a prestigious, scientific certification program. All MADE SAFE certified products have been vetted to meet rigorous standards so that when you see the MADE SAFE seal on packaging, you know that the product is safe for people and the planet. MADE SAFE uses a unique approach that ensures that products do not contain more than 5,000 harmful ingredients including: carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, harmful flame retardants, high-risk pesticides, toxic solvents or VOCs. Products are also evaluated for their impact on the environment by assessing their ability to harm water, soil, air, and sediment, as well as terrestrial and aquatic life. What does that mean? MADE SAFE certified products are safe for you and the planet. No compromises.
“My years as a practicing OBGYN doctor have been dedicated to ensuring the healthiest pregnancies possible for my patients. As my knowledge about the harmful effects of environmental toxins has increased, so have my efforts to inform pregnant women about minimizing their exposure. Expecting parents will find this informative Healthy Pregnancy Guide a valuable resource for understanding how to promote healthy birth outcomes.”
- Eve Yalom, MD, FACOG
“As a nurse midwife, it is an honor to support parents in their journey to have the healthiest pregnancy possible. My focus is always on supporting parents’ empowerment holistically, giving them resources and guidance that will help them make informed decisions for their growing family. The Healthy Baby Guide is a valuable resource in helping families find useful information about how to reduce their toxic exposure bit by bit. Every family will approach this information differently. Take it a little at a time, and celebrate each step on your journey.”
- Debra Gipsman Roisman. Certified Nurse Midwife, CNM, WHNP, RN, MS
“Everything a woman needs to know about a healthy, happy, and non-toxic pregnancy…a must have!”
- Deanna Minich, PhD
“As the founder of, we educate pregnant women about toxins in the home and how American women’s breast milk has the highest percent of flame retardant in it than any other women on the planet. We are grateful to partner with Plastic Pollution Coalition and MADE SAFE who are actively and aggressively connecting plastic and other toxins impact on pregnant women and the unborn fetus.”
- Fran Drescher, Founder & President of the Cancer Schmancer Movement
“Environmental toxicity is the leading cause of chronic illness in American families. However, it has been shown that behavioral and dietary changes can not only benefit individuals, but future generations of our children’s health and well-being. By reducing and eliminating common toxic exposures such as plastics and pesticides, parents-to-be can help create a healthier terrain both internally and externally for their babies. The Healthy Pregnancy Guide from MADE SAFE and Plastic Pollution Coalition is a treasure trove of information to understand the links between our exposure to everyday toxic substances, the impact on health and how they can affect our offspring. Well-researched tips and MADE SAFE’s legendary product recommendations are invaluable resources for all those who embrace better health as well as environmental sustainability. Readable and doable, this guide can be a “go-to” for all those starting families.”
- Michelle Perro, MD
“Our second child was born healthy and happy just a few months ago. We are so grateful for the wealth of information provided in the Healthy Pregnancy Guide and we believe it is a tremendous resource for expecting parents.”
- Jaclyn & Ben Harper
With the current state of the world, expecting mothers need more support now than ever. Every day I get questions from moms-to-be, and The Healthy Pregnancy Guide answers so many of them. It is such an excellent resource for parents seeking guidance about what practices and products promote a healthy pregnancy.
- Shraddha Singh

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