Your DIY Urban Pack Kit

Go plastic-free while on the go

Travel More Sustainably

Traveling can be fun and rewarding, but unfortunately it’s an activity that commonly utilizes single-use plastics. But with a little planning, it’s possible to travel more sustainably by taking your zero-waste habits on the road. When you’re on the go, here’s everything you need to REFUSE single-use plastic!

Make your own Urban Pack Kit with items you already have lying around the house to create a one-bag plastic-free solution to eating and drinking on the go. Inspired by backpackers’ mess kits, the Urban Pack Kit is affordable to make, lightweight to carry, and easily clips onto or slips into a backpack for traveling in more urban (or suburban) places.

Urban Pack Kit

Here’s what you need to make your own Urban Pack Kit:

  1. Pie tin: Available at your local grocery store (or in your cabinet)
  2. Cloth napkin: Or a bandana, handkerchief, or upcycled old sheet or cotton clothing
  3. Steel straw: Or glass, bamboo, or titanium…or no straw, whatever works best for you
  4. Metal or bamboo utensils: Pull these from your kitchen drawer, or find at a yard sale, swap, or flea market 
  5. Cloth bag: Cinch- or tie-top is best to keep your Urban Pack Kit secure
  6. Mason jar: Or a used glass peanut butter or jam jar with a tight-fitting metal lid
  7. Cup cozy: Or cut the cuff or welt off of torn socks (don’t throw them away, repair or repurpose them!)
  8. Carabiner hook: Available at your local hardware store

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