Update on the ReThink Plastic Translation Project

Wind of the Spirit (WOTS) is partnering with Plastic Pollution Coalition to promote the ReThink Plastic training within their New Jersey area of the United States. The Cancer Free Economy Network (CFEN) provided a grant to support the trainings. WOTS worked for several months translating the ReThink Plastic training materials into Spanish and launched their first trainings in January 2020. 

As of March 2, 2020, thirty-three participants have been trained. Trainings took place at the Morristown Immigrant Justice Committee, the Dover Immigrant Justice Committee, a general training in the town of Dover, NJ, and a Parent-Teacher group along with an ESL class in Paterson. 

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While further trainings had been scheduled, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the WOTS team is re-evaluating what and how to continue to get the messaging for ReThink Plastic out while addressing other prominent community needs. 

Invitations for tabling at the “Green Fair” on March 19 and “Green Forum” on April 25 have been cancelled, along with a request to speak on a panel after a film screening of “Plastic Ocean” on April 1.  WOTS had also been invited to collaborate with a local pastor to do a mini ReThink Plastic training as part of a regular church service, which will be rescheduled. The outreach to other local environmental and health groups to arrange other trainings have been put on hold.  

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