NEW: Predicted Growth in Plastic Waste Exceeds Efforts to Mitigate Plastic Pollution

Photo: A landfill in Delhi, India. Photo by Marcus Eriksen.

New science featuring Plastic Pollution Coalition member organization 5 Gyres was published today in Science magazine. Director of Science and Innovation for 5 Gyres, Dr. Marcus Eriksen, authored the article with scientists Chelsea Rochman, Dr. Stephanie Borrelle, Jenna Jambeck, and others:  Predicted growth in plastic waste exceeds efforts to mitigate plastic pollution

The key finding: plastic waste production is outpacing our ability to manage it. 

Even with ambitious globally coordinated plastic reduction efforts, plastic emissions to rivers, lakes, and oceans could be as high as 53 Million tonnes in 2030.

“Considering the ambitious commitments currently set by governments, annual emissions may reach up to 53 million metric tons per year by 2030,” reads the abstract. “To reduce emissions to a level well below this prediction, extraordinary efforts to transform the global plastics economy are needed.”

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