Make Your Voice Heard: Tell Gov. Cuomo He Failed

Yesterday New York’s Governor Cuomo signed the State Legislation overturning NYC’s Bring Your Own Bag law. This decision means New York City will continue sending over 9 billion plastic bags to landfills and the environment every year.

Gov. Cuomo failed to protect voter and state’s rights to ban polluting plastic bags. But the fight continues: the environmental and climate justice community both nationwide and globally will keep pushing for sensible legislation to reduce plastic pollution, at the city and state levels, in the months and years ahead.

You need to let Gov. Cuomo how he has disappointed the people of New York state and of the nation. Let him know your anger that he has allowed industry interests to trump local efforts to control budgets and waste.

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.@GovCuomo “Roses are red, plastic bags are white, 9 billion more, after tonight.” via @bradlander #BYOBag

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“I am profoundly disappointed with the governor’s decision not to veto the moratorium bill. Today was a victory for the plastics industry and their lobbyists. Today was a loss for the environment. I support the dedicated members of the Bag It NYC Coalition – representing over 75 environmental advocates in communities across New York City and State. I will continue to support sensible legislation to reduce plastic pollution in the month and years ahead.”

Photo of East River Park, 6th Street, Manhattan by Cafeteria Culture

Learn how to start a plastic bag ban in your town.

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