Tune In: Global Challenge to Prevent Breast Cancer Idea Showcase

By Sandra Curtis

The Global Challenge to Prevent Breast Cancer Idea Showcase and Competition is coming soon. Sponsored by the California Breast Cancer Research Program (CBCRP), finalists are doing their presentations on May 15, 2019, 9 a.m.-noon in San Francisco, CA.

Though significant advances have been made in breast cancer treatment, research, and awareness, rates of diagnosis have remained essentially unchanged over the past three decades. 

Plastic Pollution Coalition’s research partner and Co-Principal Investigator on ReThink Plastic, Dr. Barbara Cohn, has been selected as a finalist.

The presentations can be viewed in-person or via live-stream.  Each finalist will be speaking for 5 minutes in TED talk style. 

Two grand prizes – one for an advocate/non-researcher and one for a researcher/scientist – will be awarded.

The goal of the challenge is to accelerate progress on breast cancer prevention within five years.  CBCRP plans to launch an entirely new direction in breast cancer research – focused on prevention – and will invest $15 million over five years in grant funding to develop the best ideas from the challenge.

 Judges will be evaluating the presenters and their ideas on:

·      Boldness – Proposes a new direction in breast cancer prevention research; is creative, innovative, and scientifically inspiring; could motivate and excite researchers and the community of those impacted by breast cancer

·      Impact – Would accelerate progress in breast cancer prevention research; could lower the incidence of breast cancer

·      Relevance – Addresses primary prevention of breast cancer; can be advanced in a significant way within 5 years, must be carried out in California

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